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Jorge Manuel Garcia

Jorge Manuel is a young Cuban-American designer born in the beautiful city of Miami. He grew up a product of the cultural diversity of this dynamic city, while attending private schools mostly influenced by Latin American families. He earned a degree in Advertising and Liberal Studies from Florida International University, where he took a variety of classes in Design, Architecture, Art History, and Graphics.

The designer has long been exposed to the rich, multi-culturally layered soul of his city, and it has found its way into his collection. His creations juxtapose Caribbean flair with Asian minimalism, and cubist designs with Art Deco flourishes, making for a unique signature touch that is his alone.
Jorge began his career as a wedding planner at the tender age of 15. He quickly became a popular wedding planner in the community, opening his first event company at 16. He seemed to possess an uncanny gift of turning simple ideas and plans into masterful, beautiful events.

Yet, he always found himself sketching: on a discarded napkin, on the corner of mundane paperwork. His artistic expression found its niche in something very close to home: his grandmother passed away still nursing her dream of one day opening her own bridal atelier. Jorge Manuel's first wedding gown was designed and produced at the age of 17, and he continued designing for private clients and boutiques. His couture gowns, exquisitely handcrafted and designed, have been worn by celebrities and discriminating clients who wanted something unique, and who recognized the beauty of Jorge Manuel's signature style.

The FIORE COLLECTION 2014, inspired by the Gardens of Versailles and the Gardens of Monet, is a real life garden of dresses that exudes a regal and ethereal feeling. Each dress named after famous flowers found in these stunning gardens. Jorge Manuel creates a collection based on originality, and emphasis on quality and design. The FIORE COLLECTION is sure to be about the true bearers of the heart and soul of their designer. The AVIARY COLLECTION 2015, now takes center stage as the latest in bridal fashion from the designer. A collection inspired by the beauty of birds, filled with light and airy gowns each dress is named after.

The Collections will travel extensively this year in trunk shows throughout the United States. "I never want to forget whom it is I am designing for, and seeing firsthand that special moment when a woman finds 'the one,' that elusive gown that fulfills a lifetime of dreams - I just don't want to miss that."