Jorge Manuel is proud to produce all his gowns in the U.S.A. It is here where we make the most beautiful gowns for the most special moments. Each dress is assigned to a specialized couturier who oversees the production of “the gown” from beginning to end.

The Jorge Manuel production studios is home to many talented seamstresses and staff. It is here where dreams are made.

Designer Jorge Manuel oversees every single aspect of the design and production process. The collections can take anywhere between 3-5 months to produce from sketch to conception.

Every detail is carefully analyzed and executed. The talented staff at Jorge Manuel have years of experience where they have learned the art of couture from their grandmothers. It is a true honor to work with such talent!

The Cutting/Pattern room at the Jorge Manuel production studios designed with the “at home,” feeling, is the most unique room in our studio as all of our special gowns begin here.